Sunday, April 8, 2012

rust buster

I know you're just dying to hear about (F)easter dinner, but I'm just too sleepy and drained from a busy weekend. So, instead I offer you an awesome little trick I learned while preparing one of the desserts. See, I needed freshly brewed espresso, but I hadn't used my cute little stove top espresso maker in ages. The base had some suspicious rust/maybe mold going on, and I really didn't want to give the dinner guests any sort of food poisoning, but I wasn't pumped about the prospect of buying a replacement, either. Imminent home ownership has really put the whole budgeting concept into perspective, that's for sure.

Anyways, I turned my attention to google, and came across a method that seemed too good to be true: equal parts vegetable oil and salt. You pour the oil and salt on the rusty surface, scrub with a paper towel or a cloth, and once the rust is gone, you wash the area with warm water and dish soap. I had no idea how that would be effective, but it sounded a whole lot less harsh than pouring bleach in there, which was a common suggestion, so I gave it a shot. And much to my surprise, it was both quick and effective, which was great news, because I consider the espresso-based dessert the sleeper hit of (F)easter.

So if you, too, find yourself facing some nasty rust on something metallic, give the veggie oil and salt a shot.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to continue my apparent goal of growing out of all of my clothes via over-consumption of Easter basket candy. 

(what, your parents don't still send you holiday care packages?)

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