Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the saran wrap dress incident

Well, I promised my sister just yesterday that I'd knock it off with the baby pictures for a while.  But then I made bacon and peanut butter toast for dinner, and that just doesn't lend itself well to photographs. 

So instead I offer you yet another picture capturing the suspenders trend that apparently seized Atlanta around 1988. I can't decide if my mom just really like the matching accessories thing or if my little pants wouldn't stay up without some assistance (feel free to weigh in, mom).  

Anyways, I have a point, I promise.  

Today I had a similarly embarrassing wardrobe issue.  In my typical morning sprint from bed to bus, I failed to notice the saran wrap phenomenon my work dress had going. I don't know how, because it was really quite bad.

I think something funky happened to my tights in the wash (yes, I know tights probably shouldn't even go in the washer, but I'm lazy), and it turned them in to dress magnets.  The static cling was so bad that it was literally as if my dress were made of saran wrap.  

Walking around peeling your dress off your tights all day is, well, just plain awkward.  And to think...I own not one but four slips that could have negated this little issue (mom, aren't you proud?). 

The saran wrap effect was easily the most unfortunate aspect of the day, but I think it just threw me off all around.  I tried to drink my coffee sideways (yeah, that went about as well as you could imagine it might).  I dropped just about everything I tried to pick up.  I was a litttttle snippier than I should have been to a particularly frustrating coworker. 

So now I'm just being intentionally antisocial (I mean, the kind of attention you'd get at a happy hour with a saran wrap dress is not the kind I go for) and planning on wearing pants tomorrow.  


  1. Jenny, for the record YOU wanted your "penders" as you called them! Your fashion choices began early and I was encouraged to "let you make choices" early in life. All in all I think it paid off, you made the "poor" choices early in life! You always look fabulous now!! Love ya, MOM

  2. I think we've all improved our style significantly since the 80s. And thank God for that...