Thursday, April 28, 2011

old habits die (real) hard

(I believe I warned you that sometimes I eat like no one is watching)

Lent has officially (and obviously) come to an end, and I have quickly returned to my old ways.  Life in the lead-up to Lent was really hectic, and then my parents arrived.  Subsequently, I didn't take sufficient time to hash out a post-Lent plan (I believe I also mentioned that I am a master avoider.)

Since Easter weekend alone, I have eaten at Chipotle, Acqua al 2, Georgia Brown's, the Thai place near my apartment, two bars, and the pay by the pound place at my office.  To be fair, that list represents some of the things I legitimately pined away for during Lent: Chipotle (enough said), Italian food I didn't slave over, BRUNCH (we'll have to discuss my cult-like love for this meal at some point in the future), Thai (a type of food I never even attempted to replicate in the LKTC),  snacks during happy hour (food envy soaked in alcohol is never pretty), and the amazing breakfast potatoes and the place in my office (I also love these in a cult-like and obsessive way).  

BUT, I'm genuinely surprised at how easily I've fallen back on the "oh, I'll just pick something up tonight" mantra.  It's one thing if I'm legitimately only doing that once in a blue moon (and eating leftovers for two more meals thanks to the take out).  It's quite another if Chipotle is once again able to recognize me both by sight and order. 

The good news is, not even a week has passed since Easter.  I can still chalk this up to "catching up on old favorites." But none of the things that drove me to this adventure have changed since Lent started.  I'm still not earning enough to eat out frequently.  I'm still not a naturally healthy eater.  I still want to expand my repertoire of cook-able meals.  

I need a plan.  I need to remember that I am a girl with a plethora of aprons, cooking tools, and spices in her LKTC.  

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