Thursday, April 4, 2013

hi again

Hi again, friends, family, and random folk. It’s been a while, nearly seven months, to be specific. I’m honestly not even sure if anyone stops by here any longer. But this was never about page view statistics or (pardon me while I try to contain my laughter) making money. It was just  a way for me to remember what I’d been up to, in the kitchen and outside of it. And since one of my (paltry few) New Year’s resolutions was to write more, I’m back. So what have you missed during my hiatus?

Click here to see what I’ve been cooking. It will come as no surprise, I’m sure, to those who know me well, but the list is pretty saccharinely dessert-heavy.

Click here to see what I’ve done to my apartment since I moved in last April.

Click here to see what I’ve been up to outside of the kitchen.

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