Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hi friends. I'm currently riding a bus through rural Delaware, eating a whole bag of tootsie rolls, and day dreaming about moving to the countryside and running barefoot through corn fields. Never mind that you probably can't even run through a cornfield. That's why it's a daydream, people. Anyways, I'm on my way back to DC after an all-too-brief one day vacation at Dewey Beach. Clearly one day wasn't long enough, but really when IS a vacation long enough? Anyways, more on today's adventure another time.

Far more pressing, you ask? Maybe I finally cooked something? Well, it's cute that you think I'd fire up my stove in these 100 degree temps we've been enduring, but I'm actually here with some crazy pictures of the aftermath of a big storm that tore through the DC metro area Friday. I was actually totally ignorant to the extent of the storm, as I was so tired after Friday happy hour that I heard the thunder, and just kind of rolled over and went back to sleep. Which is funny, because I'm both a light sleeper and a thunderstorm lover. I was also totally unaware of just how powerful the storm was until two things happened. One, I got hit on by a middle schooler. Two, I saw all sorts of scary things (below) when I walked out of my apartment.

How does the middle schooler hitting on me relate to this? Well, in an attempt to finally catch up with a friend, I agreed to meet her at the Pentagon City mall. The mall was teeming with the plethora of DC and VA residents who were without power and thus bored and steamy at home. Brilliant move on my part, right? So while I was waiting for my friend, up came this baby-faced kid, who asked me the time, harmlessly enough. Let's just say it spiraled from there, and I shooed him away pretty quickly. I realized far too late that I should have let him keep going so I could see his face when he learned I was nearly double his age.

What can I say? It's been quite the weekend. Back with more soon!

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