Wednesday, December 21, 2011

nostalgia wednesdays: christmas markets

Yes, I know, more Europe nostalgia. I'm sorry. But European Christmas markets are just so darn charming, and every year around this time, I really miss them. Unfortunately the only picture I have of the market near our house in Venice is this one: 

Which you probably remember from that whole acqua alta business from a couple weeks ago. Normally it's much more exciting, you know, when it's not under several feet of water. All the little cabins are stocked with wares made by locals, and the options range from chintzy to beautiful. Best yet? The cabins hawking baked goods and warm mulled wine. The whole affair is just very festive and it really gets you in the Christmas spirit. We have a small market here in DC, but it's wedged between big generic buildings on a side street, and it just doesn't have the same vibe.

Luckily, Christmas markets or no, I got all my shopping done early this year, and I get to go home soon for the holidays. I don't know about you, but it feels so sudden this year. I've been doing all these Christmas-y things to get in the spirit (and I can read a calendar and all that), so it's not like I didn't know it was coming. I think it's just that I was preparing for it so intensely that I sort of forgot that at some point it'd actually happen. Does that make any sense? 

Probably not, sorry! I'm tired and distracted lately, so everything takes on this slightly foggy, inarticulate quality. But I'm really proud of myself for stopping by the grocery tonight on the way home, and grabbing a few healthy things to eat before I go home Friday. I even made my own salad dressing when I got home because all of mine are expired. If you ever need one in a pinch, I used the ginger-peanut dressing portion of this recipe, and it was perfect for the spinach and edamame concoction I picked up at Whole Foods.

Anyways, I'll be in and out of internet-accessible land over the next week or so, which means you'll likely be spared my typical rambling. Hope you all have a happy holiday season!

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