Sunday, May 22, 2011

leana's low-rent pasta

So, I think I mentioned that the LKTC hasn't gotten much love lately.  I haven't been ignoring it just so I can eat out all the time (although that's certainly happening more often that it should...).  I've also had some good friends (who are great cooks) make me some amazing meals.

In addition to the brilliant new tradition of Sunday girls dinners that Allie, Leana, Alicia and I started, Leana and I have initiated "Glee Tuesdays."  (Yes, I watch Glee...I mean, there's far worse on tv than that)  It's pretty fantastic--we watch Glee and mock certain characters, Leana makes dinner, and I do the dishes. Note to future roommates/husband: I will always always always do dishes in exchange for a meal.  

One of our first Glee nights was experimental--Leana needed to test out a steak- recipe.  Being from the south and far from vegetarian, I will never turn down a steak, even an experimental one (but it was a great success). The following week, Leana made white wine pasta with pancetta and asparagus, an adventure modeled after an amazing red wine pasta Allie has made us before.  She jokingly refers to it as "low-rent," but there was nothing cheap about the taste.  Last week Leana made fried rice, and in what is also becoming a tradition, I left for the third week in a row with leftovers for my lunch the next day. 

Last Tuesday, a coworker also made dinner for a few of us from the team. I went home painfully stuffed, but, I could totally get behind two-dinner Tuesdays.   My clothes may not fit any longer, but by God, I'll be well fed.  

Despite reveling in being cooked for, I need to get back in the habit of cooking for myself.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit I haven't set foot in a grocery store since, oh, Easter.  I'll get right on that...after I get back from North Carolina in a couple weeks.  

ps-I promise to do more justice to my friends' culinary skills in the future.  Like when I've fully recovered from my 25th birthday party. 

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