Saturday, May 28, 2011

home sweet cornelius

(spending my birthday week(end) here)

I don't make it back home to Lake Norman nearly as often as I'd like, but my 25th birthday/a fluke week off between jobs/a long weekend were more than enough to convince me to jump in the car and make the trek through the Shenandoah to get home.  

The drive was going beautifully (which is the reward for leaving before noon on a holiday weekend) until I hit traffic about 12 miles away from our exit. When I stopped to fill up my car 2 hours from home, I was already struggling, so the delay so close to the Lake was pure torture.  Luckily my parents had a "mini shrimp boil" waiting for me, and I didn't manage to stay away much past that.  

A really terrible headache woke me up before 6 this morning, which I found as a very inauspicious start to my birthday.  Mom made me eggs, toast, and breakfast potatoes and we decided that shopping was obviously the best cure for the headache.  After a few advil and a few hours at South Park, I was feeling slightly more human and slightly less like I had consumed several bottles of wine the night prior.  

Birthday shopping was very successful--the woman ringing us up at Madewell accidentally gave me 50% off of everything, I got something sparkly to celebrate my new job/commemorate 25/replace my wishbone necklace, and maybe best of all, I grabbed a few things from the Nordstrom kids' department.  Nothing to make 25 feel a little less old than squeezing into the same green trench as the 8 year old in the dressing room next to you.

Even though I'm a little put off by turning 25, I've felt no shortage of love, both here at home and from friends flung all over the globe.  Thanks to all my lovely friends and family for the birthday messages, cards, calls, etc.  

Anyways, I'll be back in the LKTC after a week of cookouts, boat time, shopping, and sleeping in.  When I don an apron again, I'll be year older, and, we can only hope, a little wiser in the kitchen...

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