Tuesday, August 14, 2012

repeat offenders

I could have sworn I've made Williams-Sonoma's spring vegetable risotto recipe more than once, but the only evidence I can find is my first stab at it, which was nearly a year ago. Although I'm sure I've made it since then, the lack of substantive evidence to the contrary out here on the interwebs makes me feel at least a little better about not trying something new. Anyways...

Like last time, I added asparagus, but this time, I included the recommended peas, and tossed in red pepper for good measure. I'd call this a skillet of pure healthiness, but yes, that's a sheen of olive oil you detect all over the otherwise unoffensive veggies. Shh.

On the other burner was the giant skillet of rice, onion, and (forgive me) more olive oil. The smell of simmering chicken broth and wine swirled with the aforementioned goodies is possibly one of the most intoxicating scents to grace my kitchen (pun entirely unintended, by the way). If I weren't so impatient, I'd totally make risotto more often, in part just for that smell!

Waiting for this moment, the mix the contents of the two skillets and serve moment, was excruciating, in part because lunch Sunday consisted of a small bag of pretzels and a not-so-small bag of tootsie rolls. (My afternoon errands weren't to be sidetracked by hunger, irrational as that is.) 

I always feel like Jennifer Lopez's character in "The Wedding Planner" when I have a real dinner on an actual plate with real silverware and a placemat. Well, like her character minus the exciting Matthew McConaughey love triangle bit. Details.

While trying new recipes more often is a goal of mine, there's something to be said for things like this risotto. You know exactly how delicious and satisfying it's going to be, with none of the fear of wasted money or effort that comes with an unfamiliar dish (it's definitely in contention with paella to be my "sweatshirt" recipe). You know you can make twice as much as you actually need, because you'll look forward to eating it for lunch the next few days. Which is what I'm going to go do as soon as the clock hits a respectable lunch time hour...

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