Monday, February 6, 2012

second annual girly super bowl party

Last year, in an attempt to avoid the crazy bar scene on Super Bowl Sunday, I had a few girlfriends over, and we enjoyed a ridiculous spread of unhealthy food as we watched the game, and more importantly, critiqued the commercials and sipped champagne. It was so cheap, easy, and laid back that we realized there was absolutely no reason to break with tradition this year.

I had two recipes in mind when we decided a few weeks ago to officially make this an annual shindig. On the sweet front, I was drooling over this peanut butter chocolate layer thingy. I think topping it with hot fudge would be the only way to make it more of an encapsulation of all of my favorite things. Ultimately, though, this savory recipe for mini spinach dip bread bowls won, since Sophie was holding down the fort on the sinful dessert front with cream cheese brownies.   

This isn't the best photo, but they turned out really well...the perfect two-bite snack to inhale while watching the Pats flounder pathetically.  

The spread was impressive, considering there were just five of us to polish it all off throughout the night.

I don't have too much else to say, as I'm completely exhausted from my spontaneous weekend trip to NJ to see a few of my Venice friends. It was a whirlwind of trains, buses, local bars and coffee shops, and long overdue catching up. I was definitely at that point where I desperately needed to get away from DC after a long month of hard work, marathon illness(es), and general post-holiday discontent. It was exactly what I needed, even if it means I'm woefully behind on sleep. In fact, I'm already craving another little weekend adventure...

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